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Grand Rentals is an agency, specializing in providing to rent high-level* accommodations or estates, such as apartments, villas, castle-rooms, yachts - and thus being an intermediary between customers and accomodation offerers - B2B or B2C.
*High quality, specifically intriguing or unique in its specific location, view, and offers.

Our services are associated with exclusive and unique experiences, as well as more personalized services.
We also combine products and services as a new creative product, such as a special event at one of our partner accommodations, supplemented with quality transportation, additional food and beverage services, special tourism services, connected and monitored by our agency.
One of our core combination products is “a wedding on a yacht”.
Others are different events on or more of our partner locations.
Specific supplementing services and products consist of remarkable local crafts or food/ wine tasting first-hand experiences, extraordinary food, high quality or unique crafts- experiences etc, tailored regarding the customer’s needs and visions.

A team, dedicated to fulfilling your dream vacation. Professionals with profiles ranging from multi areas of tourism, marketing, business, IT and other industries.

Business development: DUSAN LAZAR M.B.A - TURISTIKUM d.o.o.
and their amazing team.

Partners of Century 21 Slovenija

Century 21 Real Estate LLC is an American real estate agent franchise company founded in 1971. The system consists of approximately 14,000 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices in 86 countries and territories worldwide with over 147,000 sales professionals.Century 21 Real Estate is headquartered in Madison, New Jersey.